Travel News: Visit this Chinese railway that runs through block of flats

Visit this Chinese railway that runs through block of flats

Planners built a track through apartment blocks instead of demolishing homes in Chongqing, China.

Planners in China came up with an ingenious way of building a track without demolishing people’s homes by building the track so it runs right through them.

When developers were asked to construct a new railway line in a residential area in Chongqing, China, they made an astonishing train line runs right through the middle of the building in Chongqing, known as Mountain City for its countless skyscrapers with a massive population of nearly 33 million people.

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But would this system of transportation affect residents’ lives with the sounds of trains passing through?

Well, planners claim the train line has increased the value of the apartments because it is so convenient for transport links.

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The trains reportedly produce just 60 decibels of noise as it passes through the building, not as loud as a dishwasher.


There is even a small station located in the building for residents and commuters. Planners behind the monorail said they were forced to come up with the plan to cope with overcrowding in the city.

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