Honesty: Man's faith in humanity restored after taxi driver returns lost money

A man's encounter with a taxi driver has given him a renewed belief in humanity.

A taxi driver’s show of honesty came as a big surprise for a man who found himself with a revived belief in humanity.

A man, Martin Beck Nworah, had his faith in humanity restored after meeting with a taxi driver who returned an undisclosed amount of money.

Nworah, who wore a bright smile following a meeting with the elderly commercial motorist shared his experience in a social media post.


It appeared a moment of delight after encountering one who still had an appreciation for honesty, an attribute he expressed when he returned the narrator’s phone.

According to the post, the taxi driver returned an offer of N5000, opting for a N1000 note.

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American celebrates Nigerian Uber driver who returned his $700

A top lawyer in the United States, Rogelio Garcia, has continued to celebrate an honest Nigerian Uber driver identified as Adekunle, who traced him and returned the sum of $700 he forgot in his cab.

The Houston, Texas-based Garcia who describes himself as a trial lawyer and a staunch opponent of American President Donald Trump, was so impressed by Adekunle’s act of honesty, took to his verified Twitter account to shower encomium on the Uber driver.


The lawyer narrated how he misplaced the money which is about N252, 000 by the current exchange rate in Adekunle’s cab and the honest Nigerian, without knowing who he was and his address, did everything possible to trace him and return the money.


He added that he was very impressed by the act coming from a man who is from a country where many of its citizens are seen to be corrupt and dishonest.

He even made a Twitter video capturing the moment Adekunle returned the money and how he gave him a $100 tip in appreciation.

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